How to Survey Your Property Lines using a GPS Receiver

Michael T. asks: “How can I use ExpertGPS to survey my property lines?” In this tutorial, Dan Foster shows how to use the Project Waypoint tool in ExpertGPS to enter each call from a legal land survey or plat in metes and bounds to find each of the corners of your property.

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Now Calculate the Exact Area of Any Field with ExpertGPS

ExpertGPS can calculate the exact acreage of any farm field or parcel of land. Instantly. Without any math or figuring on your part. Just click and trace, and let ExpertGPS do the rest.

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Mapping oil fields over high-resolution aerial photos with ExpertGPS Pro

John B. is mapping an oil field water flood project, and needs to locate trench routes between wells and the pumphouse. ExpertGPS Pro offers aerial photo coverage of the entire US, and can easily integrate with Google Earth’s color imagery, or detailed orthophotos from your state or company GIS department.

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Here's How to Transfer Excel Fishing Waypoints to a Lowrance GPS in USR Format

Ben C. needs help converting offshore and deep-sea fishing spots from an Excel spreadsheet into GPS coordinates he can convert to a .USR data file for his Lowrance GPS. Here’s how to import, map, and download the Excel data to his GPS using ExpertGPS.

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How to Convert Google Earth KML to ArcMap SHP?

James asks: “How do I convert KML (from Google Earth) to SHP (in ArcMap)?” ExpertGPS author Dan Foster shows how to import KML files into ExpertGPS Pro, and then export them in shapefile format to ArcMap in UTM, US State Plane, or other projections.

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Exporting parcel outlines to AutoCAD DXF

Steve K. writes: “I’m using your trial software to see if it’s right for me. I’m an architect and I need the ability to export to AutoCAD. As an experiment, I drew the metes and bounds of a particular parcel over the aerial photo map that loads automatically in the trial version. I did this by establishing waypoints and projecting each one to the next in series. Then I connected them all as a route, and then converted the route to a shape. Finally, I exported the shapes to .dxf, but when I open the file in AutoCAD, the shape is completely distorted. I’m not sure what’s causing this or how to remedy it.

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How to Send Cadastral Property Boundaries to your GPS

Ray K. asks: “I have downloaded property shape files from the Montana Cadastral mapping web site and want to place them on top of the Garmin TOPO 2008 MapSource map that in in my GPS to outline the property on the TOPO map.” Dan Foster shows how to use ExpertGPS Pro to import cadastral shapefiles and send selected parcels to a Garmin GPS.

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Calibrating a map of Lithuania and adding a Transverse Mercator Grid (LKS94)

Eugenijus K. needs help calibrating a map of Lithuania, and overlaying a grid in LKS94, the Lithuanian national coordinate system. Here’s how to do it using ExpertGPS…

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Converting DMS coordinates to degrees of latitude and longitude

Ryan S. asks: “How do I change an gps address to a longitude and latitude? my address is 25.00.75 80.22.42″ Dan Foster shows how to convert GPS numbers in DMS (Degrees, Minutes, Seconds) into degrees of latitude and longitude.

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Converting Marine Chartplotter CSV Data to GPX

Andrew H. asks: “I have track files acquired as CSV data via some custom software interfacing with a marine chart plotter that I would like to easily convert to gpx format. The important thing is I want to capture position and time, plus depth if possible, in the conversion, as I am using time code to link position to photos.

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