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Convert a GIS Trail Network to GPX for GPS Download

Robert G. asks: “I have a client who is interested in providing their trail network for users to download to their handheld GPS receivers. After searching extensively, I have not been able to find a solution to what I thought … Continue reading

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How to Convert Garmin MapSource GDB to ESRI SHP

Drew asks: “Will your software convert from Garmin Mapsource GDB to ESRI SHP? I have a file with multiple routes in one GDB file and I need to convert them all at one time to a shapefile line dataset. This … Continue reading

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Convert GPS Tracks into Excel Spreadsheets or CSV

Al writes: “I have a Garmin GPSMAP60CSX. I would like to create/convert the track files into spreadsheets. I can save the track file as a GPX, but I’m looking for the capability to convert that GPX file into a spreadsheet. … Continue reading

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Using ExpertGPS Pro to update ArcMap layers after a GPS survey in the field

JC wants to send polygon shapefiles from ArcMap to his Garmin Oregon 400t so he can conduct a field survey and mark changes on his GPS. ExpertGPS Pro will allow him to transfer shapefiles to his Garmin GPS, make changes … Continue reading

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How to Convert KMZ to SHP: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Dawee M. writes: “I am looking at your programme ExpertGPS. Can the programme convert a kmz file from Google Earth to a shp file to use in GIS?” Dan Foster shows how to convert KML and KMZ placemarks and lines … Continue reading

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How to Convert Coordinates between Latitude/Longitude and the State Plane Coordinate System

John writes: “I need a tool to convert coordinates in NAD83 decimal degrees to NJ State Plane coordinates.” Dan Foster explains how to convert latitude and longitude into state plane coordinates using ExpertGPS Pro.

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How to import buoy coordinates from MS Excel

ExpertGPS user Stephen P. is having trouble copying and pasting buoy data from Microsoft Excel into ExpertGPS. Dan Foster points out some common problem areas when working with tables of waypoint data, and introduces a new feature in ExpertGPS designed … Continue reading

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How can I convert a GPS tracklog into a point shapefile?

An ExpertGPS Pro user from Pennsylvania asks how to convert his Garmin tracklogs (recorded in a helicopter) into X/Y point data in shapefile format, so he can distribute X,Y data of his company’s flight paths to clients. Dan Foster shows … Continue reading

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